God of War Legendary Leviathan Axe Keychain

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Summon the power of Kratos with the legendary Leviathan Axe keychain 

Dive into Norse mythology and elevate your key-holding experience with the Leviathan Axe keychain, Kratos's primary weapon in his epic adventures through lands of myth and monsters.

This unique piece is designed to embody strength and resilience, made from high-quality, durable zinc alloy to maintain its shine and solidity over time.

Embrace Kratos's Legacy

Every detail of this iconic keychain reflects the precise features of the Leviathan Axe, offering an accurate miniature that celebrates the powerful and stylish design of Kratos's inherited weapon.

Its compact and portable design ensures a practical use experience without sacrificing beauty or elegance.


Ideal for hanging with your keys or as a sophisticated accessory for your bag, the Leviathan Axe keychain is the perfect choice to add a touch of boldness and style to your daily look.

It's the perfect gift for "God of War" fans, embodying the spirit of heroism and vengeance that Kratos represents in his legendary journey.

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God of War Legendary Leviathan Axe Keychain

1.500 KD